Summer Internship Opportunities 

Media & Marketing:

Do you love to create? If given a vision, you can run with it and create something you can show off. We are a small business that lets you run with your creative ideas, no corporate suits to keep you restrained. What better way to get real world experience than to see your creation from conception to delivery, and get real time feedback from the market.

We have a fun place to work! Our team gets a long great and has fun, even when things get very busy. Come on board for 12 weeks to watch your creations go from concept to rollout and track the real time responses to see if it is driving business.

This is true marketing that businesses need, not just fluffy good looking content, they need content that converts. Most big companies focus too much on creation and don’t allow for the feedback to know if your content is successful in converting. You can leave this internship, walk into an interview with any big company and confidently say the content you created generated “$xxxx” in revenue. This is what businesses really want! — Want to go out on your own as a freelance entrepreneur? This is the information your clients will want to know! Learn how to do that here at Revive. We might be a power washing & Christmas light company, but we didn’t grow to over $1M a year power washing things by being boring and playing it safe. We do things differently to get these kinds of results.

Here is an example of a video one of our interns created for us to recruit technicians:

Make awesome content JUST LIKE THIS!

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