Why Clean your Ceiling?

Ceiling cleaning, really? Have you looked up at your open exposed ceilings lately? Dust often settles on top of piping, ductwork, beams, etc. This becomes unsightly and creates air quality issues within your space. Having routine open exposed ceiling cleaning will enhance air quality and leave an overall cleaner space for your employees or guests. Ceiling cleaning for Restaurants is vitally important because of health department inspections performed due to food preparation. Dirty and dusty ceilings in restaurants are bad for business and can even lead to fines. Do not risk it, have your open exposed ceiling cleaning scheduled on a maintenance plan and never worry about it again.

Our Ceiling Cleaning Process?

The solution, commonly referred to as high dusting is actually a misnomer. We don’t perform dusting as it spreads dust throughout your facility. Instead, we use high powered HEPA-filtered vacuums to safely and efficiently remove contaminants from your ceiling. Not only do we clean your open ceiling, we also clean (vacuum) the top section of your walls, and any other structure you may have that is considered a high reach. In most cases, our process will save you from the high cost of repainting.

We offer regular maintenance programs so you don’t have to worry about calling each time you need your ceiling cleaned.

We Offer:

  • Ceiling Structure
  • Piping
  • Lighting
  • Equipment
  • Ductwork
  • Conduit
  • Top of Walls
  • Storage Racks

This service is only available in the months of December, January, February please schedule accordingly.

Hassle-Free Instant Quote

Are you busy? If so, save time and use our instant quote feature! Simply put, click the link, follow the prompts, and you will have an accurate quote for your property! So, if you like what you see, simply pick a package and a date for the work. Afterwards, sit back and let us handle the rest!

We look forward to serving you,
Jon & Michelle Karmazyn, Owners


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