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We are the Lehigh Valley’s only authorized rust stain removal contractor. Call us today to properly remove your rust stains or orange battery acid stains on concrete, brick, pavers, stucco, siding, asphalt, roof shingles, or anything else you can come up with. Also works great for black streaking stains. We are the local authority when it comes to rust removal. Guaranteed results the first time!

Rust Stain Removal at work:

We received a call from a hotel manager in Exton PA, who had unsightly rust stains on their cement board siding caused by a leaking HVAC drip pan. A quick application of the F9 mixture, and the results speak for themselves.

stained side of an appartmentclean appartment
stained sidewalkclean sidewalk

While we can remove rust stains from most any surface, you should ensure the source of the rust is removed or corrected before scheduling your rust removal cleaning. If the source of the rust is not corrected, the stain will return. Many items can cause rust stains. If you have a rust stain somewhere, here is a list of things to look for as a source: steel legs on benches, tables, or chairs, battery acid, flower pots, HVAC condensate (drip) pipes, sprinkler pipes, exposed steel brackets or fasteners, snowblower or snow plow markings, chimney caps, roof flashings, barbecue grills, and more. If steel is left exposed it will rust, so make sure any steel items exposed to the elements are coated in a paint or epoxy to avoid them from rusting. We love doing rust removal, but if we can help prevent the stain in the first place, that is even better!

These videos show what we can do as an F9 Authorized Applicator.

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