Why Clean Your Awning?

Whether for signage, marketing or as aesthetic additions to your business, the value derived from your awning is subject to how well you maintain it. Regular awning cleaning will extend the life and enhance the look of your awning. It will also help to protect it from the damaging effects of dirt, pollution, bird droppings and the sun’s harsh UV rays. Proper cleaning restores luster, extends life, and prevents permanent staining and discoloration.

Awnings should be properly cleaned periodically by a trained professional, using the right tools, cleaners and protectants. A high-pressure washer should never be used to clean an awning! Ask the contractor if they are going to pressure wash the awning, if they say yes, call someone else for your awning cleaning! High pressure on an awning can damage stitched seems, cause focused removal of oxidation and potentially rip holes in the fabric.

Our Cleaning Process.

Our awning cleaning process is different. We utilize specially blended detergents applied to the awning to gently lift the dirt and mildew from the fabric. We use a soft bristle brush to help loosen the deeply embedded dirt, then follow with a LOW pressure, high volume rinse. 100 PSI at 8 gallons of water per minute is used to flush off the lifted dirt and mildew from the awning. This is the safe and effective method we use for awning cleaning. As you can see from the photos below, it works fantastic!

Awning cleaning service can be added to any of our commercial packages so you do not have to worry about keeping up with the maintenance. Let us set you up on a regular maintenance schedule so you can enjoy the benefits of a great looking awning that will last for years.

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