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What are those black streaks on my shingle roof?
If you noticed an outbreak of roof stains in your neighborhood you’re not alone. Roof stains are sweeping the Emmaus, Whitehall, Easton and the Lehigh Valley area at an alarming rate. Until recently, most of us thought this to be purely cosmetic. However, this is not the case. The stains that appear on your roof are living organisms. In fact, they are literally eating away the investment you made in your homes’ roof shingles.

Read this before you replace your roof

A properly performed, non-pressure Roof Cleaning could save you thousands of dollars! The average cost of a full roof replacement in the Lehigh Valley is between $8-$13 thousand. Thats the cost of a car!. If you have these black streaks on your roof and have considered replacement, call us before you call a roofer. You could simply need a professional roof cleaning which will save you thousands compared to a full replacement!

Consumers Guide to Roof Cleaning

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Yes, absolutely. Through the innovations in the pressure washing industry and the recommendations of ARMA (The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association), there is now a recommended format for your roof cleaning. We follow your roof manufacturer’s recommendations and use the appropriate cleaning solution (algae resistant) along with a non-pressure application method to make your roof look like new. Additionally, this extends the life of your roof saving you from more costly repairs in the future.
The black streaks are a type of algae called ‘Gloeocapsa Magma’ or simply “Black Algae”.
Yes it is. As this mold grows it feeds on the outer base of the shingle causing the shingle granules to dislodge reducing the life expectancy of the roof.
That’s a tough question to answer due to many factors, but in general a 30 year roof life expectancy can be shortened by up to 50% if left untreated. It is highly recommended that you contact a Roof Cleaning Professional if algae, moss, or lichen is visible on your roof (black streaks or staining).
We use a process called “non-pressure roof cleaning” or “soft washing”. This is a process that eliminates the risk of damage to your roof often associated with old, high pressure methods. A specialized detergent, or “algaecide” is gently applied to the roof shingles and allowed to dwell, attacking and killing the algae which is feeding on your shingle and creating unsightly dark streaks and stains. As the algaecide is working, the algae will break up and die revealing a clean, “like new” roof!

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The Washington Post even did an article covering this problem: Roof algae article

These organisms feed on the base of the shingle. Consequently, this causes the reflective ceramic granules to loosen and end up in your gutter. As these granules ‘disappear’ you will notice a rise in your homes utility bills. Your air conditioner may be unable to effectively reflect the suns rays away from your home in summer. As a result, your AC will find itself working overtime to keep your house cool. The black streaks also absorb and hold heat to your roofs surface. In winter your heating bill will inch upward. But, why? Simply put, the shingles will be less likely to retain the heat in your home as they did when they were new. An infected roof reduces your homes curb-appeal and property value. Additionally, it can also have an adverse effect on the occupant’s respiratory system. So, beware allergy sufferers!

You can relax knowing that we are a CERTIFIED roof cleaning contractor. The certification process through the UAMCC is an extensive process. This ensures that contractors are properly insured and are using the proper techniques, products, and safety precautions. Accordingly, this provide customers with the highest quality and safest results in the industry. In short, before hiring a roof cleaner, ask them if they are CERTIFIED.

This video explains what is on your roof and how we safely clean it.

Video of our roof cleaning process, see for yourself how it works!

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