House Power Washing

How to Prepare Your Home for a House Power Wash

Getting ready for a power wash may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task with the right preparation. House power wash not only makes it look nicer but also helps protect and extend its life while preventing costly repairs in the future. In this blog post, we’ll go over everything you need to know about preparing your house for a power wash so that you can get the most out of the service and enjoy clean walls, decking, driveways, and patios that are picture-perfect!

House Power Wash
House Power Wash

Clear the area of all furniture and decorations

Before beginning any power wash job, it is essential to clear the area of furniture and decorations. This allows the equipment to clean reaches around nooks and crannies while preventing damage or splatter on personal possessions. To ensure that no harm comes to the user or the area being power washed, make sure all items have been safely moved away from surfaces that will be worked on.

Cover any plants or shrubs to protect them from the high-pressure water

When power washing the exterior of a house, it’s important to ensure that any plants or shrubs are adequately covered. This is because exposure to high-pressure water can damage these delicate features, leading to costly repair and possible replacement expenses. To protect your plants and shrubs against the powerful force of the washer, carefully tuck them away beneath tarps or plastic sheets until all of the power washer work has been completed. By taking this extra step, you can rest assured that your house’s decorative landscaping will emerge from the power wash unscathed.

Clean up debris on your property that might get blown away by the water

As part of your preparation for a house power wash, it is necessary to take the extra step of cleaning up any debris that may be present on your property. This includes leaves, grass clippings, and anything else that could get tossed around in the powerful streams of water. Taking this step will ensure a thorough clean-up during and after the power washing process. Make sure to clear away all debris before you begin your power wash!

Inspect your house for any chipped paint, loose siding, or wood rot

It’s important to inspect your house for any chipped paint, loose siding, or wood rot before you power washes it. Doing this prior to the power wash will ensure any pre-existing damage does not become worse after the power washing process. Take notice of any cracked paint or looser areas of the siding as these are indications of wear and tear that could be worsened with a power wash. Wood rot can be particularly dangerous, so making sure you check thoroughly beforehand is essential.

Secure any outdoor items that can’t be moved with extra heavy-duty tape or straps

Ensuring that any outdoor items that can’t be moved for a professional power wash are secure is vitally important. That’s why extra heavy-duty tape or straps should always be used to wrap these areas and prevent damage—especially those that may have been in place for a long time. By making sure these items are secure, you’re helping create a protective layer of defense between them and the powerful pressure washer. That way, everything will stay safe while the outdoor area undergoes its much-needed transformation!

Make sure to have a power washer that is suitable for your home’s exterior material

Power washing your home’s exterior is a great way to restore its shine and beauty, however, you must be sure to select the right power washer for the materials used. Not all power washers are suitable for every kind of material, so it’s important to research what’s available to make sure that you select the best one for your house’s needs. It is also recommended that you use a pressure washer with adjustable pressure levels to ensure that your walls will not be damaged while in use.

All-in-all, power washing your house should be taken seriously and it’s important to ensure that the right precautions are in place before starting the process. It may take some extra time and money but power washing can save you a lot of trouble and make sure that your property is safe from any damage caused by the pressure from the water.  When done correctly, power washing can make a world of difference to your property’s appearance, so give it a try!

House Power Washing
House Power Washing

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