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You want a house so clean that it cues relaxation when you arrive home. But, if achieving the kind of clean you want requires you tuning up the old pressure washer and manhandling the extension ladder, it probably cues a whole lot more dread instead. We can help.

At Revive Power Washing, our soft wash process utilizes a gentle application of biodegradable detergents that lift dirt and algae from your home without the use of harsh pressure. That means that our cleaning won’t damage your home’s exterior and it will stay cleaner years longer than traditional pressure washing.

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Our professional team saves you time and money while making your home shine.

Get your weekend back.


Roof stains are a real problem in our area and can make your roof more susceptible to damage.

Avoid replacing your roof.

Concrete & Patio Cleaning

Deteriorating, dirty, and slippery concrete can kill outdoor fun, fast.

Get BBQ-ready in no time.


From the roof to the foundation, clogged gutters can quietly damage your home.

Prevent costly surprises.

House Washing

Our professional team saves you time and money while making your home shine.

Get your weekend back.

Roof Cleaning

Roof stains are a real problem in our area and can make your roof more susceptible to damage.

Avoid replacing your roof.

Concrete & Patio Cleaning

Deteriorating, dirty, and slippery concrete can kill outdoor fun, fast.

Get BBQ-ready in no time.

Gutter Cleaning

From the roof to the foundation, clogged gutters can quietly damage your home.

Prevent costly surprises.


Dryer Vent Cleaning

Clogged dryer vents can increase the risk of fires and cause the dryer to wear out faster.

Keep your dryer functional.

Why soft washing?

Soft washing utilizes a gentle application of biodegradable detergents, allowing dirt and algae to be lifted from your home without the need for high pressure.

With a professional soft wash from Revive Power Washing, you'll:

Protect Your Home's Exterior

Our soft washing system’s low pressure process will not force water behind siding, through windows or doors, or damage paint, like traditional pressure cleaning could.

Get A Deeper

Since biodegradable detergents are used, a deeper level of clean is achieved than just using water and pressure.

Prevent Future Dirt & Grime

Our detergents include an algaecide which slows the return of mildew & algae. Our soft washing typically lasts 3 years (sometimes up to 5) vs. traditional pressure washing that requires yearly cleanings.

Eliminate the

Transform your property, maximize your outdoor space, and leave your worries behind with a 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee.

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Get a Long-Lasting, Preventative Clean

Our clean won’t damage your home’s exterior and it will stay cleaner for up to two to four years longer than traditional pressure washing.

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As a local family business, we want to look you in the eye knowing that our price was fair and the job well done. If you’re not happy, you’ll get your money back — guaranteed.

From a Professional, Courteous Team

We’ll show up when we’re supposed to with attire, language, and attitude as clean as we’ll leave your property when we’re through.

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We clean more than 1,000 homes & businesses in the Lansdale each year and “professional” and “courteous” are the most recurring words in our reviews.

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We know how it feels to pull in your driveway and be met with a house that’s lost its shine. You may think, “I’ll get around to power washing it someday.” But, with the normal demands of your every day and the hassle of fussing with getting the right equipment, supplies, and finding the darn extension ladder, it’s easy for “someday” to turn into “maybe next season,” year after year after year.

Not anymore.

Revive Power Washing was created for you. We’re a team of local professionals who care about doing what we say we’ll do, every time. We’ve cleaned thousands of homes and businesses in the Lehigh Valley and we’ll clean at least a thousand more this year. Let’s add yours to the list.

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Revive Power Wash FAQs

The cost of power washing a house can vary greatly depending on factors such as the size of the home, the type of surface that needs to be cleaned, access complications with trees or other obstructions, etc. You can get an accurate cost estimate by contacting professionals in your area for a quote.

Additional information could include any tips you have for people looking to hire someone to power wash their house! Some tips could include checking reviews about past customers they’ve worked with in order to make sure they are reputable in what they do and will try their best when working with your home. They may also give advice on things like when is best for them to come out and how long it may take.

Special thanks to Browns Pressure Washing for providing this content!

There are a few different ways to clean the exterior of your house. The first option is to choose from a variety of pressure washers that will shoot the cleaner onto your bricks and stones. Many homeowners use this method for tougher stains, but you need to wear safety goggles and keep skin at a safe distance from the sprayer, since it can be strong.

If you have delicate plants around your home, or if you want dirt instead of stain removal, then consider using a soft wash house solution with water along with some sort of scrubbing brush.

Thanks to Blue Flamingo SoftWash for sharing this information with us!

Concrete power wash is what you need to do. It’ll pull up all that dirt that has sunk into your driveway over the years, not just looses surface debris that can easily be swept or hosed away. The wash will also remove any stubborn stains without cracking your sealer coat by using gentle pressure and moderate heat.

This information was provided by Gordon Exterior Cleaning.

Yes, many people use pressure washing machines to clean their roof. Roof pressure washing will not only remove any dirt or stains, but also help extend the life of the tiles and prevent mold and algae from developing.

At high pressures, water has a much higher surface tension than it does at lower pressures. When using a pressure washer on shingles or tiles it’s important to be careful because if you direct the nozzle perpendicular at someone tile it will score and crack them (the same goes for aluminum gutters).

Thanks to Moore’s Pressure washing for providing this information, you can learn more about them here: https://moorespressurewash.com/

Two excellent ways are soft washing and pressure washing vinyl siding.

The first requires the use of a power washer with an adequate nozzle, preferably on medium stream with high pressure. The pressure has to be enough that it can break down any of the tough dirt that’s present on the surface of the vinyl siding. For this process it is important to have thick gloves because there are certain finishes that are sensitive to this type of chemical treatment. If you want more attention-grabbing results, try warming up or limiting water flow so as not to go deep into the crevices.

Special thanks to Wise Guys Pro-Wash for sharing!

This would depend on the degree of soiling of the brick. Most people pressure wash their houses, but not brick, because it drives water into deeper recesses that are difficult to remove. Plus, if the bricks are already too wet from rain or other weathering then they will just get wet again and may expand under pressure washing. However, pressure washing brick does have its benefits in increased sanitation by blowing off surface dirt and will likely keep moss away since it’s a softer type of plant growth like algae and fungus that like moist areas dark and warm (like near sidewalks). It also helps to clean any graffiti off things easily. This answer was provided by Green and Clean Professionals, you can learn more about them here: https://www.greenandcleanpro.com/.

Soft wash is a professional technique used in exterior cleaning and disinfection. It is different from pressure washing, which uses high pressures of water to strip surfaces clean. Soft washing utilizes low-pressure solutions to gently but effectively remove dirt and debris while reducing the risk of damaging surfaces or putting people or property at risk.

The key concept behind soft wash is that it involves applying safe cleaning solutions to the surface being treated instead of just blasting it with plain water at high pressures. These highly effective, biodegradable solutions break down dirt and organic matter on contact without hard scrubbing or rinsing as required with other methods such as power washing. Unlike other treatments like sandblasting, soft washing does not cause damage to exterior siding, painted surfaces, stonework, asphalt shingles, patios etc., due to its lower pressure application combined with biodegradable cleansing agents that break down dirt on contact eliminating most strenuous elbow grease efforts for proper results..

The main difference between power washing vs pressure washing is the force applied during each process. Power washing uses much more force than pressure washing due to its higher velocity and temperature capabilities. This makes it ideal for heavier jobs where stubborn stains and grease need to be removed quickly and efficiently. In comparison, pressure washing usually requires less detergent since the lower force allows most large particles to simply be washed away with less effort.
Moreover, power washing is generally used on hard surfaces such as driveways or concrete walkways while pressure cleaning works best on soft materials like vinyl siding or decks made out of wood fibers composite material. It’s also worth noting that there are some instances where both processes can be combined – such as in graffiti removal – to achieve better results faster without damaging surrounding structures when using either technique alone would take far too long or cause significant damage along the way .

Yes, you can power wash siding! Professional power washing is a great way to help keep your siding looking its best over time. It’s important to remember that certain types of sidings may be more sensitive than others and water pressure needs to be monitored accordingly. If you choose to use a professional for the job, they will usually have special tools and equipment suited for different types of siding that can make the job easier, safer and more effective overall.

The benefits of having an experienced power washer take on this task are numerous. A professional is able to assess the type of siding being worked on as well as control the exact amount of pressure used during the process which reduces any risks associated with damaging it in any way. Furthermore, they’re also able to target dirtier or harder-to-reach areas with even greater accuracy due to their expertise in this field.

Overall, when it comes down to it – yes, you can power wash your siding safely and effectively with a professional who knows how best approach such task using proper tools/equipment as well specialized techniques depending on what type of material is being worked on at hand!

It is recommended that you have your dryer vents professionally cleaned at least once a year. This will help reduce the risk of fire hazards, as lint and debris build up in the ventilation system over time and can lead to blockages. In addition, more frequent cleanings may be necessary if you use your dryer often or live in a dusty environment. A professional will be able to inspect your venting system, remove any clogs or build-up of lint, and give it a thorough cleaning to make sure everything is running safely and efficiently. Having regular cleanings also helps preserve the life of your clothes dryer by making sure it is working properly so that you don’t need costly repairs later on.

This information was provided by Terry’s Cleaning and Restoration!



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