Lindberg Park in Allentown PA – A New Urban Oasis

Lindberg Park is a great place for children to play and is a wonderful area to enjoy the beauty of the Pennsylvania countryside. Located at Lindberg Ave in Allentown, the park features a children’s playground, a skateboard park, and a walking path that offers scenic views of the surrounding trees. The park is a popular location with families who live and work in the community. See These Helpful Tips.

Construction at Lindberg Park will continue into 2019

In a nutshell, the Urban Development Project has the potential to bring new life to the Lindbergh area with student housing, retail, and public spaces. The most exciting part of the project is that it’s likely to be completed in the near future.

Construction at Lindberg Park is a tad delayed, but it’s a work in progress. Aside from the usual suspects like baseball fields, tennis courts, and basketball courts, the park will have a new restroom building, new splash pad, and a spiffy new playground to boot. There will also be a new rain garden to cool off in after a summer of fun in the sun.

The tally of construction and the number of visitors is expected to be less than a hundred thousand over the next two years. It’s a good idea to be on the lookout when visiting the park, so be sure to follow the construction if not use caution as needed.

Completed works at Lindberg Park

There is no doubt that Lindberg Park has undergone a makeover of sorts, and the park is now a thriving urban oasis. A new pavilion is just one of the many improvements made to the venerable public park. The park also boasts a small lake for fishing and a small but funky playground for the kids. With a reopening date set for May 18, the park will be a welcome respite for the community. For more information on the park, contact the park superintendent at (717) 649-9050. Also check out the Park’s Facebook page for updates on upcoming events and special offers!

This year’s Lindberg Park upgrades have been completed in record time. Having a well manicured stomping grounds is a luxury not afforded to many communities in the area. Hopefully the new pavilion will be a hit amongst residents and visitors, and the new facilities will be well used in the future. Check Out This Info!

New inclusive playground equipment will remain closed until the new poured-in-place surface can be installed

Playground surfaces are a major factor in inclusive play. They provide a sensory rich experience and allow children of all abilities to interact with each other. But which surface materials are most appropriate? A comprehensive planning process is important to educate the community on the requirements for safety and design.

Before selecting a playground surface, the planning team should perform comparison shopping. This includes visiting other installations in your area. Visiting existing surfaces can also give you an idea of the maintenance needs.

During installation, it is crucial to ensure the product is compacted to create an accessible route. Otherwise, undulation will occur along the horizon of the surface.

The firmness of the surface should be determined with a Rotational Penetrometer. This is a good measure for the stability of the surface. Also, it should be mentioned that the product should be installed in layers. If not, the material will likely displace in heavy use areas.

Native plantings will likely be on hold until warmer Spring weather

The Lindberg Park project has been delayed because of the recent excessive rain. This will likely delay the completion of the project until warmer Spring weather arrives.

While a hefty amount of precipitation is welcome, it also means a surge in wildflowers. In addition, the warmer weather will allow plants to break dormancy earlier. These are all great things for native vegetation in the county’s back country. However, it does mean that the invasive plants may become more aggressive.

A few weeks ago, the Sierra snow pack was only partially full, leaving a massive shortfall. Fortunately, more precipitation is on its way this week. It is possible that a more substantial soaking will be on its way this weekend, giving a major boost to the county’s native vegetation.

Many California native trees are showing signs of dying. As such, they are vulnerable to invasive insect pests. These insects are more destructive and can survive even milder winters. See More Information.

Driving Direction from Revive power washing to Lindberg Park

Driving Direction from Lindberg Park to Green Acres Park

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