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How Much Does a Typical Power Wash Cost?

How much is a power wash cost?

A power wash is when water under pressure, typically anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 psi (or pounds per square inch), is sprayed at high velocity onto something that needs cleaning. It’s similar to spraying your car with the hose when you’re washing it in the driveway. The difference here is that much higher volumes of water and pressure are used. Typically this pressure washer will have soap added to it so that the dirt and grime will be loosened up for easy removal after being blasted off with the pressurized water.

Pressure Washing Brick Services
Pressure Washing Brick Services

How much does a typical power wash cost?

The average cost of hiring a commercial power washing contractor to come to clean your home or business is anywhere from $200 to upwards of $400. This price can depend on how big the area/project is that needs cleaning. For instance, if it’s just the exterior siding of your house they will charge less than if it’s your entire driveway plus your sidewalk plus the front steps leading up to your porch plus the house itself. More time = more money. Keep in mind, prices can also vary depending on where you live as well. Another factor that may affect the price is what day you call them out for. For instance, if they have another job scheduled on the same day as yours, that will affect the price. Asking for a rain check is never a bad idea. If they say no, you might consider calling someone else to make sure you get your project done within your timeframe.

And is it worth it to hire a professional?

Most people tend to think that hiring a professional to power wash their home or business is in their best interest, but in many cases, this may not be the case. If you take the time to do your research and shop around, you might find better deals than what you can get by just picking up the phone and giving the first company that comes up when you search “power washing” in Google or Facebook. 

What are the benefits of hiring a professional power washing contractor?

You won’t need to rent or buy the equipment yourself. These machines are not small and are pretty hefty in size and weight. Renting one for an hour would cost you anywhere from $50 per hour up to $100 or more per hour depending on where you live. Also, renting one does not come with any of the cleaning solutions that professionals so you’ll have to bring your own or buy their chemical solution.

You won’t be using any of your personal time cleanings. You might argue that you can have the whole family out there to help, even the kids. Well great! They’ll have something else to do while they’re not in school during summer break. However, this isn’t just a one-day job either. It’s likely going to take several days to complete depending on how big the project is and weather permitting, etc.

You won’t have access to all of the tools needed for large jobs. Unless you use them all year round for other projects around your place, you probably only own the pressure washer itself plus maybe a broom and scrub brush. Nothing more than that will be included.

Professional Pressure Washing Service
Professional Pressure Washing Service

You won’t be able to clean as efficiently and thoroughly. Even if you purchase the correct chemical solution for the job at hand, it’s unlikely that you’ll know how much to put into the tank or what setting to use on the pressure washer (if you even own one) so you might not get all of the dirt off. This isn’t something personal but more about using tools and chemicals for a specific purpose. If these services sound right for you, check out our website today to learn more about our pricing

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