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Is Pressure Washing Brick Patio as Effective as People Say?

The question of whether pressure washing brick patios is effective or not has been debated for many years now. Pressure washers are typically used to clean hard surfaces, but the effect that they have on brick patios is up for debate. This article will discuss some of the common misconceptions about pressure washing brick patios and how it affects them specifically. It will also provide information on precautions to take when using a power washer, so you don’t damage your patio or other surfaces in your home!

Pressure Washing Brick Services
Pressure Washing Brick Services

1) What exactly does a pressure washer do?

A pressure cleaner uses water under high-pressure with detergent to remove dirt from various types of surfaces including floors, decks, sidewalks, cars, fences and more. When it comes to brick patios a pressure washer can deep clean the surface, remove stains and other types of marks that might be lingering. It’s great for exteriors as it will remove years of dirt buildup from the brick.

2) But does it damage the bricks?

This is a common concern as bricks are very porous and could absorb too much water if you’re not careful. Most power washers have adjustable nozzles so you can control exactly how much pressure you use to clean your patio or other surfaces. This means that you don’t need to worry about getting too close with your machine and damaging the brick itself.

3) What things should I look out for when using a power washer?

When power washing patios there are several precautions that you need to take. Firstly, always read the manufacturer’s instructions before using a pressure cleaner. Secondly, never point the jet of water towards people, pets, or plants as it can cause some serious damage. Thirdly, always use the recommended detergent for the surface that you are cleaning – this will help to break down any dirt or stains that are present. Fourthly, test the detergent on a small area of your patio first to check for any unwanted reactions (e.g., staining). Finally, be careful not to overload your power washer as this can damage the pump and other internal parts.

4) How often should I pressure wash my brick patio?

 This really depends on how dirty your patio is and how often you use it. For example, if you have kids that are always playing outside, and they track dirt and mud across your patio then you might want to pressure wash it every few months. However, if dirt and grime is only a minor problem for you than once or twice a year should be fine.

5) Are there any other ways I can clean my brick patio without the pressure washer?

As well as using detergent with water under high-pressure (i.e., a power washer), there are some other methods available such as steam cleaning or scrub brushes. The main benefit of using these alternative methods is that they don’t use any chemicals; however, this does make them less effective at removing stubborn soil and stains.

Brick Cleaning Services
Brick Cleaning Services

All in all, pressure washing brick patios is a great way to deep clean them and remove any stubborn dirt or stains that might be present. Just make sure to take into account the precautions that need to be taken when using this type of equipment! If this service sounds right for your home or property give us a call today!

For more tips and tricks on brick cleaning, check out the video below!

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