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10 Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Roof Shingles

Benefits of pressure washing roof shingles. The process can make your home more energy-efficient by eliminating all the moss, algae and mold that accumulates on them. Plus, it makes your home look better than ever!

After Cleaning Roof Shingles
After Cleaning Roof Shingles
  1. Better Energy Efficiency

Moss, algae and mold accumulate on your roofing shingles over time. A layer of that goop reduces the reflective power of your roof’s surface. That means it cools down more quickly in hot weather, increasing your cooling bills in summer months. This makes pressure washing an essential part of any good energy-efficiency plan.

  1. Attractive Home Appearances

Aside from reducing cooling costs, pressure washing roof shingles can make your home look better than ever! You’ll see grass like you’ve never seen before when you put the ladder up to check out how well the job is going; no moss will cover up an old maple tree in autumn; and fallen leaves won’t be hanging around to ask you for a hand-off.

  1. Roof Shingle Replacement Costs

Pressure washing can go a long way toward keeping your roof shingles in good condition; the less wear and tear they take, the longer they stay together, which means fewer replacement costs down the road. A squeaky clean roof also has other benefits like reducing algae growth on the exterior of your home’s walls, which means you’ll save money on time spent scrubbing them clean.

  1. More Cute Critters

Do you enjoy watching birds chirp outside your window? You’ll see more little brown birds (and that cool blue heron) when there isn’t an obstructed view because of all that moss!

  1. Roof Shingle Life Extension

Pressure washing your roof shingles helps them stay cleaner and protect the home underneath them for longer. Since dirty siding can create problems like water damage, eliminating dirt reduces those risks.

  1. A More Comfortable Home Environment

The same stuff that accumulates on exterior surfaces can do a number on interiors as well: mold and algae release spores into the air that you breathe inside your house. That’s why it’s important to spend energy cleaning up those messes, both outside and in — because less allergy-inducing gunk means fewer allergy symptoms every time you go outside!

Pressure Washing Roof Shingles
Pressure Washing Roof Shingles
  1. Lower Insurance Costs

Studies have shown that having clean gutters and roof shingles can mean lower insurance premiums. Plus, if your home isn’t properly sealed, you may be at risk for water damage that requires the insurance company to pay out big-time when it does happen. That can drive rates up dramatically in short time; having clean roofing shingles makes your home more secure by keeping moisture out.

  1. Stronger Walls

Grime and mold on exterior walls make them weaker over time — which means they need repairs more often than necessary or aren’t as strong when it comes to withstanding wind speeds during storms (in some cases, it might even lead to structural collapses). Keep what’s underneath protected with regular pressure washing of roof shingles.

  1. No More Slippery Surfaces

Wet roof shingles are dangerous — and slippery. If you’re walking on them in the rain, you can easily slip and fall; if someone is using your roof for an acrobatics routine during a summer shower, chances of serious injury or death go up exponentially when slip-sliding around on wet surfaces. Keep everyone safer by power washing the roof yourself!

  1. Reduced Liability

Roof shingles covered in mold can release spores into the air that make people sick (and even kill). That means they could sue you because their health has declined since living in your home. Get rid of any moisture causing problems before anyone gets hurt; install new roof shingles after pressure washing to keep the whole family safe and sound!

Before Washing Roof Shingles
Before Washing Roof Shingles
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