Clean Your Home Exterior by Pressure Washing Vinyl Siding

Pressure washing vinyl siding is a great way to keep your home looking fresh and clean. Vinyl siding is an excellent choice for many homeowners because it is so durable, low-maintenance, and affordable. And now with the help of a pressure washer, you can have beautiful vinyl siding all year long without ever having to scrub or sweep! However, pressure washing siding comes with its own list of dos and don’ts. You have to know which areas to focus on and how to use the right pressure washer setting for optimal results.

Before you begin, read your manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the use of a pressure washer for cleaning vinyl siding. Some houses may already have a coating that is helpful in resisting dirt build-up. It is important that you do not strip this layer away by over-using a pressure washer or applying too much water pressure.

You should also remove as many leaves as possible from the surface by raking them away before starting the process. A leaf blower can also be used to clear your home of debris before you begin cleaning.

Once your siding is completely clear of debris, you are ready to begin. Begin at the top of your house and work your way down. Keep in mind that you will most likely have to turn off the water when switching from one section to another so that you can resecure the wand or pressure washer head without wasting unnecessary water.

Moss Growing on Siding
Moss Growing on Siding

When using a pressure washer for vinyl siding, it is important to apply light pressure right out of the gate, gradually increasing it as necessary. If there are stubborn stains present on your siding, wet them with plain water before applying any chemicals or detergents to loosen the grime. After soaking areas affected by dirt or mildew, you can spray them with a pressure washer solution, allowing it to sit for 5-10 minutes before rinsing.

Another option is to use a citrus degreaser as this product has natural enzymes that work aggressively to remove dirt and grime without the need for scrubbing with an abrasive pad. It may be necessary to repeat these steps several times to completely clean your siding.

After you have finished cleaning your vinyl siding, let the surface dry off naturally instead of using a leaf blower or wet/dry vacuum. If there is standing water left on the surface, it can lead to mold growth which will only make future cleaning efforts more difficult. You should also avoid doing anything else on your siding until it has fully dried which can take several hours.

Once your vinyl siding has been properly cleaned, make sure to protect it from future grime build-up by applying a vinyl siding sealant every 1-2 years. This will help prevent dirt and other contaminants from taking hold and penetrating the material. The cleaner you keep your home’s exterior, the more easily it will be for you to maintain your investment and enjoy your low maintenance siding year-round!  

For more information on pressure washing techniques or equipment rental, contact Revive Power Wash!

Pressure Washing Siding
Moss Free After Pressure Washing Siding

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