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5 Signs You Need a Professional Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning is a necessary process that should be done regularly to maintain the lifespan of your roof. Not only will it protect your roof from the elements, but it will also make it look great! Here are 5 signs you need a professional soft wash roof cleaning

Soft Washing Dirty Shingles
Soft Washing Dirty Shingles
  1. Moss or algae growth – Roofs are made up of wood, metal, shingles, asphalt, rubber, and gravel. Just like any plant in nature, these surfaces are perfect for growing moss or algae. If you have a large amount of moss or algae on your roof it is time to have it professionally cleaned. Not only does the moss and algae look unattractive, but if left untreated could end up causing damage to your roof (if not now then eventually).
  2. Dirty or stained roof  –   Roofs brown over time with dirt buildup; this happens regardless of whether you maintain it regularly or not! Also, roofs can become dirty by various other means such as bird droppings and tree sap, etc.. If a roof is not cleaned on a regular basis, the dirt will eventually lead to stains. This then leads to permanent damage that can cause leaks and water spots that can end up causing more damage or needing even further repairs.
  3. Peeling paint –  If you have peeling paint on your roof it is an obvious sign of neglect as it could be rusting from the inside out. Even unsealed metal roofs need maintenance every now and then. A professional roof cleaning service can remove all those layers of old paint and prevent new ones from adhering making sure there is no long-term damage to your roofing material and preventing additional repairs later down the road.
  4. Leaks or water damage –   If you see any signs of water spots, leaks, or discoloration on your shingles it is most likely due to neglect. If you know if there was a leak and simply fixed it, but never had the roof cleaned as well as resealed then you may be further damaging your roof with mold and mildew. A professional roof clean can remove all those layers of dirt and debris that could have accumulated over time so now the area can properly dry which will prevent any future water damage from occurring.
  5. Poor insulation –    If you feel cool drafts coming into your home during the winter months then this means that snow and rain have made their way through your roof and are affecting the insulation around your attic space. The insulation in the attic functions as a barrier to keep cold air down and hot air up. Improper insulation could mean that your expensive heating system is working overtime, costs you more money on gas or electric bills, and eventually leads to additional repairs on the roof.
After Soft Washing
After Soft Washing

If you notice any of these signs on your roof then call us today! If not cleaned regularly, roofs will degrade making it more likely for leaks or water damage to occur. This can lead to mold growth which over time will weaken the rest of the structure below your shingles making it less effective at protecting your home from moisture also leading to significant problems down the line. A clean roof means extending the lifespan of your roof, preventing future damages that cause costly repairs later on, and saving money on utilities in both heating and cooling bills.

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